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  • Business Investigations

    Worker's Compensation / FMLA
    Our business Investigations will save you money. Fraudulent worker’s compensation and health care claims cost insurers and employers billions of dollars each year. This cost takes the form of, paid time off, medical reimbursements, short and long-term disability payments, increased insurance premiums, and training / orientation cost for replacement hires. CIS Inc. can provide a thorough investigation using professional investigative techniques. While discovery may expose the fraudulent claimant, it can also confirm the validity of a claim from a valuable employee paving the way for an eventual return to full employment.

    Video Surveillance
    CIS Inc. is ready to assist in your decision to adopt video surveillance services. This can include activities that are suspect, or contradictory medical evidence. Our private investigator will provide a thorough investigation, and inform you of the results, including high quality pictures, high definition video, and a professional detailed report with minute-to-minute details. Our documented evidence will assist you in taking the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. We can testify in court and present our investigation details to bring out the truth. Give us a call 24/7 and let’s discuss how we can help you.

    Pre-Employment Screening
    Background checks before employment can help you avoid problems requiring in-house investigations in the future. Both altered credentials and doctored resumes can cause problems created by unscreened, unqualified, or dishonest applicants.  Also, a pre-employment screening with positive results lays the groundwork for a trusting relationship with new hires.

    Store or Factory Surveillance
    There is always a potential for employees to steal from employers.  Employee theft (shrinkage) has a great impact on profit.  The greatest loss among American businesses is from employee perpetrated crime. Confidential Investigations Inc., licensed KY private detective service, includes undercover on-site surveillance, which you may use to discipline offenders who steal, or sabotage your business.  We can also have an undercover investigator to act as a secret shopper or employee.

    Hidden or Stolen Assets
    Whether you are researching a political opponent, preparing for trial, or checking up on a business partner, it is worthwhile to see if they are hiding assets from you. There can be many reasons a person or company would try to hide or steal money and/or property from another interested party. Let Confidential Investigations Inc. bring light to the situation.  Talk to a Professional Lexington KY Private Investigator, Louisville KY Private Investigators.